Collaborators and acknowledgements

Commissioner:Niall McLaughlin,             
 Principal: Niall McLaughlin Architects 
Curator:  Yeoryia Manolopoulou,
 Partner: AY Architects 
Drawing:Benni Allan
 Sandra Coppin
 Hannah Corlett
 James Daykin
 Bev Dockray
 Anne Marie Galmstrup
 Emma Guy
 Lee Halligan
 Katherine Hegab
 Joanna Karatzas
 Yeoryia Manolopoulou
 Niall McLaughlin
 Claire McMenamin
 Ben Nicholls
 Anne Schroell
 Michiko Sumi
 Simon Tonks
Realisation:     Liam Davis (animation)
 Katherine Hegab (digital drawing)
 objectif (graphic and website design)
 ArtAV (audiovisual production/installation)
 Millimetre (quadpod production)
 Kevin Pollard (sound composition) 
 Emir Tigrel (additional animation)
 Wendy Toole (copy editing)
 Commissioned by You (drawing table fabrication)
 Katie Burrell, Tamsin Hanke, Alicia Lafta, St John Walsh
 Bryony Jones, Ruth Ryan, James Wickham 
 David Stronge
 Know How Production
NMLA Team:Benni Allan
 Eimear Arthur
 Joanna Karatzas
 Claire McMenamin
Text:Eimear Arthur
 Yeoryia Manolopoulou
 Niall McLaughlin
Dialogue Professor June Andrews
participants:Professor Sabina Brennan
 Dr Sebastian Crutch
 Kay Doherty
 Desmond Donnelly
 Aisling Guckian
 Professor Tim Ingold
 Professor Kate Jeffery
 Sandra Keogh
 Lesley Palmer
 Helen Rochford-Brennan
 Dr Hugo Spiers
With thanks to:The Alzheimer Society of Ireland
 The clients and staff of The Orchard, Blackrock 
 Culture Ireland
 The Arts Council
 The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland
 The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht
 The Bartlett, University College London 
 Neuro-Enhancement for Independent Lives at TCD 
 Caro Communications
 The Dementia Research Centre at UCL 
 The Jeffery Lab at UCL
 The Dementia Services Development Centre, Stirling
 The National Gallery of Ireland 
 The London Irish Centre
 Online Reprographics
 RTÉ Archives


'Profiles in Paint’ was made by people with posterior cortical atrophy and other rare forms of dementia in collaboration with artist Charlie Harrison in 2015. The project was run by Professor Sebastian Crutch at UCL Dementia Research Centre with research assistants Amelia Carton, Emilie Brotherhood and Chris Hardy.