Social Drawings

The aim of our animation is to create a visual interpretation of an individual's experience of their environment, and how we – through our research – have come to believe this experience may be altered by dementia. 

However, we were also interested in the multiplicity of experience: your reading of a space may be very different from mine, and the symptoms of one person's dementia may bear little resemblance to those of another.

This multiplicity is particularly potent when an environment is inhabited and perceived by many people at once; as happens in the social spaces such as the dining room, for example, or the gardens. 

We felt that, to best capture this sense of perceptual overlap, the drawings of these social spaces should be made by many drafters at once. In this way, the personality of each individual hand moving through the space becomes more explicit: one person's lightness of touch contrasts with the bold pen strokes of another. Pens adjust their courses to avoid collisions; as moving bodies must.