16 Stands Entry 09

In order to project our animated drawing on the floor, we would need to suspend or support a number of projectors at a level above the ground plane. The strict loading restrictions on the old trusses of the Arsenale meant we couldn't hang much from them, but we knew that any standing support we designed to hold the projectors needed to meet the ground as minimally as possible, to reduce the visual impact on the projected image.

Quadpods packed for shipping

As the design developed, our decision to hold every projector on its own structure began to feel like a logical one, and the repetition helped to establish a grid over the building. Each 1.92m high brass stand had four legs: we called them quadpods. Through numerous meetings and discussions with millimetre, we achieved a very slim profile for the quadpods in laser-cut brass. The material quality provided the sense of lightness we had hoped for and added potential for the legs to interact visually with the projected piece. 

The aim of this process was to design the legs to be as simple as possible, with the smallest of brackets to hold the projectors in place. Whilst it wasn't our initial intention, the quadpods have evolved into their own beings, slender and creature-like. 

by Benni Allan